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Wentworth Church in the Snow

Watercolour Winter Landscape Painting

Steve Greaves - Wentworth Snow - watercolour landscape painting

Wentworth in the Snow                                             enlarge

Watercolour on Paper 2001

10 x 7 ins

private collection


A Watercolour Landscape Painting of Wentworth  

Church in the snow. It is an almost monotone study in 

shades of grey. It is executed in Paynes' Grey with touches 

of Raw Sienna which add a touch of warmth to the crisp

winter scene. 


In this Winter Landscape Painting Wentworth Church 

itself is a pale silhouette and the bare trees are reminiscent 

of the Art of the English Painter Rowland Hilder.


I might paint a larger version of this Picture some day and 

would like to add some game birds in the foreground, maybe 

partridge or pheasant, both of which are quite common in 

the area.


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