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The Steve Greaves Photorealism Paintings website 

contains around 350 pages of information and artwork.

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Steve Greaves Artwork

New Paintings / Paintings in Progress (4):


Dock Leaf

David Beckham Key Chain / Key Ring

Rutt Moose

German Short Haired Pointer Dog, "Buster"

Portraits Paintings (15):

David Beckham Keychain / Keyring

Ian McMillan - The Barnsley Poet

Lt. General Sir Garry Johnson - 10th Gurkha Rifles

Amy Davenport


Naheem Khan

Rob with Macaw



Young Asian Girl

Young Asian Boy

Leslie Ash

Colonel John Hayes St.Leger

Marilyn Monroe

Dizzy Gillespie

Landscapes Paintings

    North Yorkshire Landscapes Paintings (18)

    Cliff Path, Staithes

    Whitby Abbey

    Seagull on a Chimney Pot, Staithes

    Moored Boats, Whitby

    Ryedale, Blue

    N York Moors

    Ryedale, Mauve

    Stiorm over Ryedale Moor

    Top of Staithes

    Whitby Harbour

    Whitby Sky Study

    Scarborough Castle

    Ryedale Moor

    Moorland, Ryedale

    Ryedale, Evening

    North Yorkshire

    Ryedale, October

    Captain Cook & the Whale Bones, Whitby

    South Yorkshire Landscapes Paintings (22)

    The Cashpoint Queue

    All Saints Church, Darfield

    Darfield Church from Pinfold Lane

    New Street, Barnsley

    Bear Garden, Wentworth

    Towards Darfield

    Gorse Thicket

    Wentworth Winter

    Darfield Winter

    Wentworth Castle

    Darfield Fields

    Church Street, Barnsley

    Donuts at Elsecar Heritage Centre

    Doncaster Market (landscape format)

    Doncaster Market 2 (portrait format)


    Wentworth Church in the Snow

    Fishing on Tinsley Canal

    Darfield Cornfield

    Darfield from Wombwell

    Wentworth Cornfield

    Fence Post with Barbed Wire

    Other Landscapes Paintings (10)

    Garrick Theatre, London

     Local Shop

    Trafalgar Square, London

    Scottish Highlands

    Ratcliff On Soar Power Station

    Kinver Edge

    The Old Court Brewhouse

    Pavilion Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park

    Railway Shed, Carmarthen

    Sentinel Sheep

Wildlife / Nature Paintings

Bird Paintings (14)

Peregrine Falcon






Snowy Owl

Mallard Duck

Mallard Duck Study

Ferruginous Duck

Wood Duck

Gull on Rocks

Rob with Macaw


Animals Paintings (11)


Sentinel Sheep

The Polo Match

Colonel John Hayes St. Leger

Beau & Charne - 2 horses

Horse Portrait

German Short Haired Pointer Dog, "Buster"

Miniature Schnauzer Dog, "Jack"

Weimerana Dog / Gundog, "Jade"

Tree Frog

Peacock Butterfly

Plants / Flowers / Botanical Paintings (5)

Dock Leaf


Purple Border Plant

Lily Flower No.1

Lily Flower No.2

Sports Paintings (14):

David Beckham Key Chain / Key Ring

The Polo Match

Carl "Foggy" Fogarty

Rally Car

Farrari F1 Racing Car 

Peregrine Falcon



Weimerana Gundog, Jade

German Short Haired Pointer Dog, "Buster"

Miniature Schnauzer Dog, "Jack"

Beau & Charne - Two horses

Horse Portrait

Fishing on Tinsley Canal

Toys Paintings (1)

David Beckham Key Chain / Key Ring

Rutt Moose

Photorealism Painting Techniques / Tutorials

David Beckham Keychain / Keyring


Amy Davenport

Dock Leaf


    - unrecorded artwork

Collaborations with Artists , Writers, Film Makers etc:

    Tashi Thondup

    Into The Wind - Buddhism Book 

    Illustrations for Into The Wind 

   Temple Press / Psychic TV / TOPY (Temple Ov Psychic Youth) 23

    Ratio:3 vol 1 Media Shamans - book cover design

    Ratio:3 vol2 Trans:Mediators - book cover design - Genesis P-Orridge

    Rhythmajik - book cover design - Z'ev

   Barnsley MBC

    Wentworth Castle - Christmas card design

   Ministry Of Defence / MOD

    General Sir Garry Johnson - 10th Gurkha Rifles - official MOD portrait

    Brinsworth Comprehensive School / Brinsworth Comp / BCS

    Graphic Design & Photography - leaflets / brochures / prospectuses

    John Cuttriss / Art-tek 

    Corporate ID & Graphic Design

    Impact Magazine

    Graphic design & photos 

    Gorilla Cinema 


    Room 13 




Steve Greaves For Sale Items

Original Paintings For Sale / To Buy by Steve Greaves 

Limited Edition Prints For Sale / To Buy by Steve Greaves 

    - Limited Edition Prints order form

Signed Greetings Cards For Sale / To Buy by Steve Greaves 

    - signed greetings cards order form

Books, Music etc.



Other Pages of Interest

Bodybuilder / Bodybuilding


Giant African Land Snails


Artists / Art Materials / Galleries & Directories /

Publishers & Book Clubs / Wildlife & Gardening




Bird Art Prints




Whitby Abbey

Art Postcard


Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree (Pinus thunbergii)

Steve Greaves Bonsai Tree

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