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Kinver Edge

Watercolour Landscape Painting

Steve Greaves - Kinver Edge - watercolour landscape painting

Kinver Edge                                                       enlarge

Watercolour on Paper 1990s

12 x 8 ins

private collection


A loose Watercolour Landscape Painting painted in 

autumnal colours. 


Watercolour Landscape Painting Technique:

This Landscape Painting was done on a Rough 

Surfaced Watercolor Paper using a broad chisel-shaped 

Paint Brush. Some of the Watercolour Paint is dragged 

across the texture of the Paper using a Dry-Brush Method

to give a broken, sparkling effect.


As with all Watercolours painted in the purest fashion 

the light areas are light reflected from the paper and not 

achieved by using white paint.


The image is loosely based on a Photograph in a

travel guide book.


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