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North York Moors

Watercolour Yorkshire Landscape Painting

Steve Greaves - North York Moors  - watercolour landscape painting

North York Moors                                                      enlarge

Watercolour on Paper 2001

6 x 4 ins

private collection

A Watercolour Landscape Painting of Moorland in North 

Yorkshire between Pickering and Whitby in rich autumnal 



I took a number of photos on quite a dull day and have 

painted a series of pictures using different Watercolour 

Techniques and Methods

This is one of the more brightly coloured versions.


Watercolour Landscape Painting Technique:

The Painting is mostly Painted using a Wet Into Wet Painting

Method and you can see in the close-up how the Watercolour 

pigment grains have settled into the texture of the Watercolour 


Some of the colours used are: Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson,

Olive Green with a hint of Burnt Sienna.


Behind the viewer on the moors is Ministry of Defence land 

containing the Fylingdales nuclear early warning radar building 

- a huge concrete pyramid which replaced the famous 

"giant golf balls".


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