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North Yorkshire

Watercolour Landscape Painting

Steve Greaves - North Yorkshire  - watercolour landscape painting
North Yorkshire                                                       enlarge

Watercolour on Paper 2000

6 x 4 ins

private collection

A moody looking Watercolour Landscape Painting 

of a North Yorkshire Moorland Scene near Ryedale.


Watercolour Landscape Painting Technique:

The Picture is an exercise in Painting using only two 

colours: Olive Green and Payne's Grey.


The sky is pure Payne's Grey Watercolour and the cloud 

effect is achieved by uneven mixing on the palette and by

running Watercolour Washes into each other using a Wet 

Into Wet Method. Notice how the pigment grains have settled 

into the texture of the Watercolour Paper.


The broken brush marks in the foreground allow the 

paper to show through and hint at the light being reflected 

from rocks.


The light on the moors is constantly changing and the 

clouds could roll in at any time.


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Steve Greaves - North Yorkshire Landscape Paintings


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