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Rally Car

Watercolour Motor Sport Painting

Steve Greaves - Rally Car - watercolour sport painting

Rally Car                                                               enlarge

Watercolour on Paper

16 x 10 ins

private collection


A Watercolour Motor Sport Painting of a Rally Car in action. 

Rallying is an exciting Driving Sport and this picture was painted 

as a commission for a member of a Rally Car Club in Wakefield, 

West Yorkshire.


The Painting was done quite quickly, the main detail being in the 

Rally Racing Car itself, the bright colours of which contrast with 

subtle green-greys of the sketchily rendered background.


The Watercolour Paper is Saunders Waterford which was 

prepared by soaking it in clear water and then taping it to a wooden 

drawing board to avoid cockling when the Watercolour Washes  

were applied.


A small pointed Sable Brush was used to pick out the fine detail 

in the Rally Car - the features of the driver and navigator can just 

be made out through the windscreen. Although a Photograph was 

used as reference for this Image, the style of the painting is more 

that of a loose Illustration than detailed a Photorealism Painting.


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