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Scottish Highlands

Acrylic Scottish Landscape Painting

Steve Greaves - Scottish Highlands - landscape painting

Scottish Highlands                                                     enlarge

Acrylic on Board 2002

6 x 4 ins

Frame: unframed

Mount: unmounted

Private Collection

Available as a postcard on Amazon and Ebay


A Scottish Highlands Landscape Painting showing 

a shaft of light on a mountain side. 


The reference Photo for this Landscape Painting was 

taken from a window of a Train on the Highland Railway 

on a journey to visit the famous Room 13 Art Studio in 

Caol School near Fort William, Scotland, which is run as 

a business by junior school children. It was winter and there 

was a hint of snow in the air.


Acrylics Landscape Painting Technique:

The Scottish Highlands Painting was done loosely and quickly 

using Artists' Quality Acrylic Paint and a coarse Hog's Hair Paint 

Brush. The close-up Image shows how the thick buttery paint is 

dragged with a Dry-Brush Painting Technique to give a broken 



The Brush Strokes are bold and suggest the ruggedness of the 

Scottish Highlands and mountains. The dynamic quality of the 

mark making reflects the fleeting movement of the train journey.


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